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I'm really nervous to have a natural birth. Can I still have an epidural?

Overall, women who receive continuous support are less likely to need any pain meds, epidurals, vacuum or forceps being used. Labors with a doula involved are shorter by 40 minutes overall and babies show higher Apgar scores!

In general, doulas encourage natural births over medicated ones. However, I am in full support of mothers knowing thier own abilities and rediscovering thier strenghts as laboring women.


Hi! I'm Kristie.

When people hear the job title "doula" some assume I want them to have an all natural, all spiritual, labor in a field. When really my only role is to be a helper, advocate and guide. I don't assume the title of mom, sister, best friend, or father. Think of me as your trained "personal assistant" who's looking out for your best interest.

Having another person at your labor who wants to keep your wishes (as you do) is vital at deliery time. Having a doula may decrease the need for medication by helping you through anxiety, exhaustion or discouragement. I feel called to serve mothers by using massage, aroma therapy, and breathing taught with the Bradley Method. I use evidence based information to help you choose what may be best for you. Of course, I promise to never place my own opinions before your needs.

In a hospital, or at home... I will support you no matter what.

If you are looking for bereavement services, you can find them here.

Doula Kristie Johnson

def: doula
A greek word meaning: a woman who is trained to assist another woman during childbirth and who may provide support to the family after the baby is born

74% of women who attempt a VBAC (Vaginal birth after cesarean) will be succesful. Unfourtantely, most women are not supported by their care providers to even try. Ask your hospital staff if they support VBACs. The maternal death rate is up to three times higher for repeat C-sections than VBACs.

I already know I'm having a C-section. Should I use a doula?

You just might want one anyway. Even though the doctors are delivering your baby, having a doula can prove to be a valuable asset. A doula can bring another set of hands, eyes, and ears to help better prepare you for your upcoming surgical birth. Before surgery, I can help explain procedures and answer questions. I keep your wishes honored as keeping the room quiet and taking photos along the way. I can act as a liason between you and staff on getting updates while your partner watches over the baby. I will remain with you during the nearly hour post operative repair time after delivery.

Women who use doulas find that...

31% decrease in the use of Pitocin

Pitocin is the synthetic form of Oxytocin, which is a hormone that your body naturally produces to induce contractions. There are documented risks that are potential with its use

60% decrease in the risk of an emergency C-section

According to new research, they may also substantially lower women’s odds of having a cesarean section that isn’t medically necessary.

12% increase in the likely hood of spontaneous vaginal delivery

Spontaneous vaginal delivery at term has long been considered the preferred outcome for pregnancy. Because of the perceived health, economic, and societal benefits derived from vaginal deliveries, lowering the cesarean delivery rate has been a goal in the United States for more than 25 years

34% increase in women who remember the birthing experience with happiness instead of with negativity

A doula recognizes that giving birth is a key life experience, a 'defining moment' that the mother will remember all her life. One of her goals is to protect the mother's memory of her birth experience.


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My background & Experience

I do have experience giving assistance at friends births at home and at the hospital, which called me to become a birth doula. Personally, I have have had some losses which called me to become a bereavement doula and expand my service to families in need. I also am begining to offer PostPartum services, starting in Feb. 2019!

I have four children of my own (two boys and two girls) ages 15,14, 11 and 6. The two older were born at the hospital and the two younger were born at home. I always used a wonderful midwife, but still always wished I had hired a doula for myself.

I would be honored if you choose me to be your personal doula, but I encourage my clients to look at two or three options and choose the best doula for them!

No matter what you choose to do, I will be respectful and courteous.

  • Before

    We will schedule a prenatal conference with you and your partner. We will discuss and set up your birthing plan together.

  • During

    Doulas do not take breaks!
    Sometimes your partner will need to sleep, or take a break, I will stay by your side through the transitions.

  • After

    I will meet you again at your home for a postpartum meeting to discuss what went well for you and how I can help with some next steps in breast feeding, and help create a plan for the next several weeks.


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that having a doula can SAVE you money?

The quality and care that doulas provide families go beyond comforting techniques.

Having a doula can cut labor by 40 minutes or more.

I can help decrease the need of medical intervention by helping you navigate your options in a caring and compassionate way.

Mothers find fewer complications (including c-sections), greater success with breast feeding, and lower incidence of postpartum depression.

Some insurance companies even comply and will cover some of the cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

What training have you had?

I have taken birth education and breast feeding classes through DONA (Doulas of North America). I am a graduate of Stillbirthday University where I recieved my Birth and Bereavement certification. I'm the Patient Advocate Coordinator and Director of Birth Support at ThriVe Women's Health of Central Virginia (FKA The Pregnancy Centers.) Currently, I am a student at Birth Arts International as a Postpartum Doula. In the past, I have attended several births at homes and at hospitals as a doula and midwife's assistant. I also help facilitate the "Out of the Blues" Postpartum Support Virginia group at Sentera Martha Jefferson.

What is your philosophy about birth about supporting women and their partners through labor?

I believe that women are strong and capable of having children with the loving support of having the right people around her. Although, statistically women who received continuous support were more likely to have spontaneous vaginal births and less likely to have any pain medication, I will never doubt your own intuition on what you believe your body can and can not do. I always give you informed, well thought through questions for you to ask your health care provider. I will NOT judge or stop you from receiving an epidural or any medical decisions your health care provider makes for the health of you and your baby.

When do you try to join women in labor? Do you meet us at home or meet us at the hospital?

Feel free to text and then call the moment you feel labor has started. Leave a message if need be. I will need to know how mom is feeling, if there has been evidence showing labor, and how strong and close contractions are.

Are you interested in having that

Just connect with me on Facebook or send me a text. We'll go meet somewhere & talk about your pregnancy & what your birthing plans are.

Childbirth is a momentous event in a woman's life, one that you will remember forever. Choosing the right birthing partner is pivotal to creating positive experiences that will stay with you the rest of your life.


I would be honored to go on this journey with you.